Fresh new author of children’s fiction, J. G. Eastwood, invites all readers who enjoy the spell of a magical tale to find a cozy nook and prepare to embark on an incredible adventure with two extraordinary new friends in the Dragon Trilogy.

The chapter books, cleverly written by J. G. Eastwood, and enchantingly illustrated by professional artist Carl Kocich, is the story of an adventurously curious child growing up with her magical imaginary playmate.

Books one and two, Dragon Enter The Realm and Dragon The Fantasy Continues, are the continuing story of friendship, adventure, exploration and discovery.  The books are capturing readers of all ages, taking them on a soaring quest to places only the imagination can find and right into the hearts of a cast of extraordinary characters.  Whether you are young or have an adventurous spirit,  the Dragon  books will  magically transport you to the wonderful world of make-believe.  

~ J. G. 's wishes are that, through her writing, children will treasure books, get in touch with the amazing gift of imagination and find heart to follow their dreams. ~

J. G. is currently writing book three.

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